Legal counsel for Clerky startups.

Work with a startup attorney from Westaway on Clerky for flat fees.

Move fast. Don’t break things.

Work with a preferred partner of Clerky to scale up without going off the rails. Scroll down to see the flat fees for the most common matters. Don’t see what you need below? Let us know what you need, and we’ll create a custom project for you.

The transparent flat fees above include legal guidance and execution on Clerky. However, they do not include Clerky fees, filing fees, or any work that may occur off platform.

General Counsel

Most entrepreneurs want a trusted legal partner, but they hate surprise legal bills. At Westaway, we take care of your startup’s legal needs for a fixed-monthly fee so you can control your costs and focus on scaling your business. Learn more about General Counsel.

Avoid these 10 rookie legal mistakes.

Legal missteps can be some of the most costly problems startups face, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Download this FREE guide to get simple actionable tips on how to avoid these common mistakes. By following these simple tips you will save your startup time and money.

10 Rookie Startup Legal Mistakes

Download this FREE guide today to learn how to avoid these common legal mistakes. These basic tips will save your startup time and money.
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