Flat fee law firm for startups.

Say goodbye to the billable hour.

Flat fees up front provide cost certainty for emerging companies. Removing the mystery in billing creates a better working relationship for both of us. Pretty simple, right? With our startup legal services at fixed prices, you will worry less about the costs and focus more on growth.

Flat fees are good for startups.

Traditional law firms bill by the hour, misaligning incentives and often surprising founders with hefty legal fees. Yet startups need cost certainty to manage their burn rate. A flat fee lawyer solves these pain points by providing transparency and cost certainty. With flat fee legal services, founders know what they are getting and what it will cost upfront—no surprise bills down the road. Rather than billable hours padding invoices, a flat fee incentivizes efficiency: goal-oriented counsel tailored to solve issues effectively.

Flat fee legal services for high-growth startups.

Monthly flat fee legal services.

In addition to our per-project legal services listed above, we also offer monthly flat fee legal services called General Counsel. For a predictable monthly flat fee, we take care of your startup’s legal needs so you can control your costs and focus on scaling your business. Learn more about General Counsel.

General Counsel

Most entrepreneurs want a trusted legal partner, but they hate surprise legal bills. At Westaway, we take care of your startup’s legal needs for a fixed-monthly fee so you can control your costs and focus on scaling your business. Learn more about General Counsel.

FAQs about flat fee lawyers.

Most law firms operate on the billable hour, which misaligns the lawyer’s and founder’s incentives, and leads to surprise legal bills. Nobody likes surprise legal bills. Let’s be honest. They are never good surprises for founders.

With flat fees, founders know upfront exactly what legal help will cost, eliminating surprise bills down the road. This billing model incentivizes efficiency—lawyers provide goal-oriented counsel tailored to effectively solve issues within the fixed budget. Most importantly, flat fees align interests around value, not just time spent. Startups gain cost certainty to confidently invest in strategic legal help that moves their vision forward. Flat fee services give founders the clarity needed to build their business without getting sidetracked by legal surprises.

Absolutely. We understand every startup has unique legal needs and aim to provide customized solutions. If our standard pricing options don’t address your specific requirements, we will collaborate with you to tailor a flat fee package that fits. Our flat fee lawyers will work with you to develop a bespoke offering for a flat fee. Just let us know what you need – we’ll handle the rest for a flat fee that provides value, not surprise bills.

None. Unlike traditional law firms that nickel and dime you, our flat fee structures have no hidden costs. Pretty simple, right?

Any questions related to the scope of services are included. We’re always happy to answer questions over email or schedule a call.

However, if your request goes outside of the current scope of services, we’ll simply let you know that it’s beyond the scope of our current engagement and give you a flat fee for an additional engagement. Our flat fee model allows us to add value incrementally, building on prior work rather than starting from scratch. You get transparency every step of the way – no surprise bills or convoluted pricing. With open communication, we customize our services to empower your startup’s continued success.

There are a few potential downsides to consider with flat fee legal services:

  • Scope creep – Without clearly defined scopes of work, flat fee engagements can sometimes experience “scope creep” where additional work and time is needed beyond the original fixed price quote. This needs to be clearly communicated by the lawyer to avoid surprises.
  • Less hourly incentive – Some argue flat fee lawyers have less incentive to put in additional time/effort since they aren’t billing hourly. However, good lawyers focus on providing value and outcomes for the client regardless of billing model.
  • Less adaptability – Flat fees are best suited for well-defined legal work. Highly complex/variable matters can be difficult to price on a flat fee basis upfront.

Overall, flat fees provide great value and predictability for many legal matters. But they require clarity on scope of work and alignment of expectations to avoid issues down the road. The model works best when the lawyer and the client get a clear understanding of the actual needs up front.

Getting started is easy – just book a complimentary 15 minute consult with our flat fee lawyers to discuss your legal needs. This introductory call allows us to learn about your startup’s unique goals and challenges. We’ll then explore potential solutions, providing transparency around scope and flat fee options. Once we align on an approach tailored to you, we’ll send over a simple digital engagement letter to formalize the agreement. With just a few clicks, you can quickly get our legal team working on your priorities.

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