Ace is the AI legal assistant
for startups.

Get ongoing legal counsel for your startup at a fixed monthly fee.

Startup legal research is frustrating.

Getting answers to basic startup legal questions is surprisingly frustrating. Founders have have two options either hire a lawyer or turn to Google / Chat GPT.


Chat GPT


High quality answers you can trust.


Is this the right answer or an AI hallucination?


It can take a couple weeks to get the answer you need.


Instant answers at your fingertips.


Nobody likes getting a $2,000 bill for an email answer.


Free is a good price.

Ace is accurate, fast and free.

Ace is your AI legal assistant. He can answer basic legal questions in seconds. Ace’s conversational interface lets you refine queries for the best results. With Ace’s AI, get legal clarity instantly and move your startup forward.

Ace has extensive startup legal knowledge.

Ace is AI, he’s not your lawyer.

Ace shouldn’t replace legal counsel. But, he should help startups get up to speed quickly, engage their counsel more efficiently, and save time and money in the process.

Built by founders for founders.

For the last 15 years Kyle Westaway has served as legal counsel to hundreds of startups. He’s also taught entrepreneurship at 2 of the best law schools in the nation – Harvard and Cornell. But before all of that, he was a startup founder. Ace is the tool he wished he had as a founder. Hopefully it will make your startup journey just a little easier.

FAQs about Ace, the AI legal assistant for startups.

While ChatGPT has broad AI skills, its generalist training leaves gaps in specialized domains like startup law. Do you really want to risk the future of your company on an AI hallucination? In contrast, Ace is focused entirely on startup legal needs. Ace is exclusively trained on 250,000+ words of Westaway’s high-quality legal content. This specialized training makes Ace more accurate on nuanced legal issues that startups face. So for startups seeking a dedicated AI legal assistant, Ace provides targeted advantages over ChatGPT’s wide-ranging skills.

An AI legal assistant is a chatbot that provides legal guidance using artificial intelligence. It allows anyone to ask legal questions in plain English and get instant answers for free. While not replacing lawyers, it supplements legal research through natural conversations. The AI helps clarify concepts, points to sources, and offers insights to form a preliminary legal overview.

Ace provides startups with instant, free access to reliable AI-powered legal guidance. Ace’s knowledge stems from training on over 250,000 words of verified legal content. The conversational interface allows querying in plain language and clarifying answers. Ace supplements lawyers by quickly building a legal overview before seeking specialized counsel. With Ace, startups can navigate legal processes more confidently and avoid lawyer costs for basic questions.

AI will not replace lawyers. Instead AI augments lawers by making basic legal knowledge more accessible. AI legal assistants provide instant guidance on common legal questions, often for free. This allows people to quickly get legal answers without necessarily needing a lawyer first.

Avoid these 10 rookie legal mistakes.

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10 Rookie Startup Legal Mistakes

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