Warby Parker: Protecting Workers in a Global Supply Chain


Warby Parker is a socially conscious, direct to consumer eyewear brand. For every pair of glasses purchased, they distribute a pair to people in need around the world.  A simple pair of glasses can increase someone’s productivity by 35 percent and their income by 20 percent.


In 2012 Warby Parker was growing exponentially. As they built out their global supply chain, they wanted to ensure that every person involved in the production of their glasses was treated with dignity and respect.


We worked with Warby Parker to create their first Code of Conduct which set clear expectations with suppliers regarding the treatment of labor. The Code of Conduct addressed forced labor, child labor, harassment, discrimination, safety and health among other issues. In addition, they engaged a third-party auditing firm to ensure that these expectations are being met.


As Warby Parker scaled, the increasing number of workers in their supply chain are able to go to work every morning knowing that they will be working in a safe and healthy work environment while earning a decent wage.

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