VenturePunk: Lunch to Product Market Fit


VenturePunk is a Web3 product studio focused on innovation and rapid experimentation in the areas of decentralized finance and digital culture.


When we met the team they had just incorporated on AngelList and they were looking for legal support to help them raise their Pre-Seed round, hire a team, manage their cap table, negotiate contracts, and draft terms of service and privacy policy.


VenturePunk opted for our General Counsel- Launch service. We helped close their $1.2M Pre-Seed round with top tier VCs and Angels on SAFEs (which included a complex token side letter). We drafted custom template contracts for them to use. We managed their cap table on AngelList and negotiated key contracts with partners and vendors. Additionally, we drafted terms of service and privacy policies for cutting edge Web3 products. Lastly, we offered strategic advice for the CEO as he was facing pivotal decisions. We did all of this for a simple flat monthly fee, which helped them manage their burn rate while growing.


Ultimately, VenturePunk was able to find clear product market fit for their product. We continue to support the team as they continue to scale.

I am so grateful to have Westaway as my lawyer! They have been a true pleasure to work with from the very beginning. Their friendly demeanor made me feel comfortable and at ease, and their easy-to-understand explanations helped me navigate the legal process with confidence. I also really appreciate Westaway's flexibility when it comes to payment options. They have been very accommodating and have worked with me to find a solution that fits my budget. Overall, I have had an excellent experience with Westaway and plan to continue using their legal services in the future. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of top-notch legal representation.

Jordan Lyall, CEO or VenturePunk

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