Total View: Creating a Joint Venture for an Enterprise VR Company


TotalView uses virtual reality to transform business communications. The company constructs digital replicas of industrial sites, enabling clients to visualize and simulate complex environments. This immersive approach enhances safety, productivity, and maintenance throughout a facility’s lifecycle – from initial design to daily operations. By leveraging VR technology, TotalView provides an innovative platform for enterprises to collaborate, train, and problem-solve in hyper-realistic settings.


TotalView realized some of their technology had commercial potential in new markets. When an enthusiastic partner approached them about making this happen, it presented an exciting opportunity. However, determining the optimal structure for such a partnership posed unique challenges. TotalView needed to balance pursuing this opportunity while staying focused on it’s core business.


To facilitate TotalView’s partnership, our firm recommended forming a joint venture entity to pursue the new commercial market opportunity. This allowed both parties to pool resources while containing risks within the new company. We also designed the economic and governance framework. Overall, our corporate structuring enabled TotalView and their partner to collaborate through a new vehicle focused squarely on this venture.


By entering a strategic partnership, TotalView expanded their technology into new markets. This innovative joint venture was a win-win deal that unleashed an additional revenue stream for TotalView.

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Arthur Jensen CEO of TotalView

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