Sana Benefits: Helping a Series A Company Close Deals and Save Money


Sana Benefits provides modern health plans tailored for small businesses. Their comprehensive coverage includes medical, dental, and vision on a streamlined tech platform that saves employees time and money.


When we met Sana, they were a Series A company with about 100 employees looking to expedite contract reviews and reduce costs. They used a large firm for regulatory and fundraising work but wanted to avoid high legal fees for routine client and vendor contracts.


Sana engaged us as General Counsel to handle contract reviews. Despite the complex healthcare insurance industry, we quickly got up to speed and delivered value by expediting quality contract reviews, saving Sana money while avoiding surprise legal bills.


As Sana continued closing deals and raising capital, eventually securing their Series B, we served as fractional General Counsel. Our goal is to serve as fractional General Counsel until the company is big enough to hire their own full time General Cousel. That’s what happened with Sana. Unfortunately, their first General Counsel wasn’t a fit. So we stepped back in for a few months during their search for their current counsel.

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