Hala Systems: Protecting IP While Saving Civilian Lives


Hala Systems builds unclassified remote AI and IoT sensing technologies that protect civilians in conflict zones. By collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, the company generates actionable intelligence to predict, prevent, and respond to threats. Hala Systems enriches and disseminates alerts in real-time to protect communities. Their technologies also securely document war crimes evidence. By delivering early warnings and evidence trails, Hala Systems helps safeguard vulnerable populations through ethical, transparent monitoring.


Hala Systems was working with a partner organization in a Middle East conflict zone to monitor a ceasefire and create an early warning system to the local communities. This collaboration raised intellectual property (IP) concerns. Hala Systems was concerned that their partner may inappropriately use their IP, so they needed to protect their IP while working with this partner.


We provided tailored guidance to help Hala Systems secure their intellectual property during a strategic partnership. We advised them on their full rights regarding IP ownership, so they understood what proprietary elements they needed to protect. We also explained permissible usage boundaries they could outline contractually to prevent misuse by the partner organization. Taking an educational approach, we ensured Hala Systems could make informed decisions on IP protections based on their specific goals and risk tolerance. We also took care to clearly communicate usage restrictions in the licensing terms to the partner, eliminating confusion down the line.


We enabled Hala Systems to secure IP assets while preserving a key partnership. Clear usage terms and oversight aligned expectations. With defined IP rights in the contract, Hala Systems maintained control of proprietary technology. Open communication built trust and cooperation, strengthening the relationship. Setting explicit IP rules minimized misunderstandings that could have jeopardized the partnership. This ultimately allowed Hala Systems to focus on the mission critical work of deploying life-saving innovations.

The value-for-money of Kyle's services are unparalleled. He is extremely responsive and professional, and we're lucky to have him by our side.

David Levin, COO of Hala Systems

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