Ecosapiens: Launching the World’s First Carbon Backed NFT


Ecosapiens is a Web3 native company that creates beautiful NFTs designed to evolve over multiple phases. With each phase of growth, the NFT holder offsets carbon emissions. In version 1, a fully evolved Ecosapien NFT offsets 28 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to planting 1,120 trees.


When we first started working with Ecosapiens, they were just a pitch deck and an idea. They needed to incorporate, build a team, create a product, and raise capital in order to launch their NFT.


Thanks to General Counsel – Launch, we were able to handle all of that legal work for a flat monthly fee of $2,500. Within months we incorporated, issued founder stock, set up an employee pool, hired a team, issued them equity, drafted their NFT terms of service and privacy policy. Raising capital was a bit more complex because, Web3 VCs had yet to coallesce around a standard deal. We worked with top tier VCs to create an equity + token deal structure.


Ecosapiens raised a $3.5M round from top tier Web3 VCs, and had a high profile and highly successful launch of v1 of their NFT. Together the Ecosapiens community has offset 2,500 tonnes of Co2, the equivalent of planting 100,000 trees.


As we're building our Web3 company, Westaway has been invaluable. They've helped us structure our capital raise with top tier VCs and set our company up to scale. Incredibly excited for the road ahead, and more confident than ever on the legal side with Kyle and the team.

Nihar Neelakanti, CEO Ecosapiens

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