CosmosID: Helping a Series B Biotech Company Drive Profits


CosmosID developed and utilizes next generation genomic sequencing to rapidly analyze the human microbiome. Their world class lab and software platform enable clients to review and analyze data. For years, CosmosID’s metagenomic analysis has supported organizations in publishing new studies, developing products and therapeutics, and diagnosing thousands of patients.


When we met, their new CEO aimed to overhaul inefficient, ad hoc legal support. Their lawyers were costly, so used sparingly, with the CEO reviewing important contracts instead. When they did engage their lawyers, they were slow and expensive, which slowed down their sales team and ate into their profits.


CosmosID opted for our General Counsel service. We worked with them to understand their complex business and highly specialized contracts. Then we improved their current standard contracts and built a contract playbook. This new contract review process improved quality, consistency and speed of contract reviews.


The revamped contract review process enabled CosmosID to close deals fast and bolster profitability. In over three years as their trusted partner, we’ve supported their scaling and a successful merger, continuing to facilitate their growth journey post-merger.

General Counsel helps empower our sales team to close deals fast. Kyle and his team are spectacular! Super fast, thorough, helpful and friendly. It's a true pleasure working with them as partners in our business.

Manoj Dadlani, CEO of CosmosID

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