Coder: Saving Time and Money for a Series B Startup


Coder provides open-source tools and an enterprise platform that makes it easier to configure, secure, and scale development environments. Coder’s clients include government institutions, Fortune 50 companies and some of the biggest financial institutions in the world. They are a Series B company that has raised $47 million from top tier venture capital firms.


When we met Coder, they were frustrated with their current law firm. The legal review process slow, typically 4-6 weeks, and the fees were high, about $250,000/year for very basic contract review. They understood that as they grew the fees would only increase. They wanted to find a way to reduce both sales cycle time and operational spend. Even minor reductions of these metrics would greatly impact their burn rate and ARR/revenue recognition.


The company recognized the need for a more efficient approach. They partnered with us on General Counsel – Grow for a flat monthly fee. Immediately we collaborated with their team to identify the most critical terms in their contracts. We streamlined the contract review process, which enabled them to close deals quickly.


In the first year alone, we saved Coder about $200,000 in legal fees and shortened their sales cycle by about 4 weeks. Thanks to our focus on efficiency, the Coder Ops team saved about 8-10 hours each month previously spent on legal management. By switching to a Westaway, they were able to close deals much faster, save hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal bills, and get back a day every month.

As the head of operations at a series-B startup, I had been looking for ways to better manage our legal budget, especially for standard legal issues (like contract and NDA reviews, drafting new policies and terms of service etc.). When I found Westaway I was intrigued by their startup-friendly business model and thought it could be a good solution for us. After working with the Westaway team for nearly a year I can say without a doubt that it has been a fantastic experience! They are responsive and professional (and make it easy to track requests with their dashboard). The best part is being able to manage our legal spend. The transparency with pricing and scoping is a wonderful thing, and I recommend Westaway to other startup legal/ops leaders every chance I get.

Krista Ratcliff, Head of Operations at Coder

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