Access Afya: Raising a Seed+ For an African HealthCare Tech Company


Access Afya (AA) is driven by the belief that quality healthcare should be universally accessible and affordable. The company fulfills this mission by delivering high-value, localized medical services tailored to underserved global markets. Powering their patient-centric model is a proprietary healthcare operating system. This advanced technology platform leverages rich data insights to enable optimized diagnostics, streamlined operations, and effective follow-up care. Their innovative model and steadfast commitment are removing barriers and improving health outcomes for millions who lack access to basic, affordable clinics and hospitals.


When we met AA they were gearing up for their Series Seed+ round. They faced unconventional investors like foundations, high net worth individuals, and a national government – each with unique objectives and varying levels of experience. Furthermore, the investment involved tranches, adding complexity.


AA chose to engage us under the General Counsel – Grow plan, which includes Series Seed and Series A funding. We worked with AA to negotiate the term sheet and draft the deal documents. Our experience allowed us to cater to each investor’s needs while maintaining round consistency. We developed a tranche model aligning capital to milestones. By translating round intricacies into balanced agreements, we empowered Access Afya to close the deal and secure essential runway.


With mission-aligned funding in place, AA can now expand quality, affordable healthcare on pace to fulfill their vision. This instrumental round has enabled exponential progress in closing health equity gaps globally.

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