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Most traditional law firms still operate on an outdated billable hour model that wastes startups’ time and money. We built a modern startup law firm from the ground up that saves startups time and money and helps them scale smarter.

Big Law



Bureaucracy and Byzantine complexity.


Professionalism with a personal touch.


Surprises are fun… except when it comes to legal bills.


Know how much it costs up front. That’s refreshing.


When you bill by the hour, it literally pays to slow down the process.


Flat fees align incentives to get the deal done.


Old systems don’t work in the new economy.


Building software to improve speed and quality.


They have to pay for their fancy office somehow. Mahogany’s not cheap.


Less money to lawyers means more money toward impact.

We help founders scale smarter.

Scale up without going off the rails. We’ve helped venture-backed unicorns, bootstrapped hackers and hundreds of other startups navigate complex legal issues and manage day-to-day legal work efficiently. We can help you too. Book a free consult to get started. 


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Why founders love Westaway.

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Founders love working with us because we deliver quality advice, fast with transparent fees. But don’t take our word for it, check out our client testimonials, our case studies, or our Google verified reviews.

What we do.

Work with an experienced startup lawyer to set up your business for success. We provide specialized legal services so you can focus on growing your company, not paperwork. Our core startup law services include: incorporation, funding, intellectual property, employment, contracts, mergers & acquisitions, impact evaluation and general counsel.

Select the optimal structure for impact. We help you select the best legal structure whether that’s an LLC, Corporation, Benefit Corporation, B Corp Certification, L3C, Social Purpose Corporation or Nonprofit. We’ll also help you structure your founders’ equity.

Get funded. We guide you through the fundraising process whether you are using Convertible Debt, a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) or Equity.

Protect your ideas. The core asset of startups are great ideas. We help you take ownership and protect the use of your intellectual property. 

Build your team. You’re only as good as the people you work with. We draft employment and independent contractor agreements to help you hire and retain rockstar talent.

Get it in writing. We draft and review contracts with your clients, partners, vendors and suppliers to ensure that you are maximizing both profit and purpose.

Measure what matters. Did you achieve what you set out to achieve? We design, implement and report on your social and environmental impact using the B Impact Assessment or a custom designed set of metrics.

Scale up without selling out. We help you achieve scale through a merger or acquisition while ensuring that your mission remains the focus.

Get quality advice. We’re here for you as any legal challenge arises. We’re your partner every step of the journey.

A law firm by founders for founders.

Kyle Westaway, founder of Westaway, was an entrepreneur before he became an attorney. In 2007 Kyle Westaway co-founded a startup with some friends. They searched high and low for a law firm that understood the challenges of an early stage startup, but couldn’t find one they loved. Most were stuck in antiquated business models ill-suited to serve early stage entrepreneurs. So, he decided to start a law firm for founders by founders. Over the last fifteen years Westaway has worked with leading startups that are bootstrapped and venture-backed; big teams and indie creators; for-profits, non-profits and B Corps. Yet, they are united in a common cause: building companies that matter.

FAQs about working with a startup lawyer.

While general practice lawyer can offer legal services, startups benefit more from lawyers who focus on early-stage venture-backed companies. By working with a specialized startup lawyer, you gain access to their years of experience in the startup ecosystem, making them a valuable advisor for early-stage, venture-backed companies. They possess a nuanced understanding of startup norms, provide tailored guidance, on funding, intellectual property, equity allocation, and exits. Additionally, specialized startup attorneys are often more cost-effective than general practice attorneys, further adding to their appeal. Learn more here.

Startups are unique types of businesses. At every stage in the life cycle of the company, there are pitfalls that can cost the company millions of dollars. Failing to properly incorporate can derail funding. Negotiating with investors without a startup lawyer risks loss of control. Skipping intellectual property protection invites copycats and lawsuits. Attempting complex merger and acquisitions without a seasoned startup lawyer often ends in costly mistakes. An experienced startup lawyer can help you scale while avoiding these costly pitfalls. Learn more here.

Finding the right startup lawyer is an investment in the future of your business. These are the key factors to consider:

  • Experience: In many ways, your startup lawyer is your guide through unfamiliar territory, so you want a guide who knows the ecosystem and can point you in the right direction.
  • Availability: Choose a startup lawyer who is responsive and able to work at the pace of an early-stage startup.
  • Fee Structure: Consider the fee structure of the startup law firm, and find one whose fees align with your budget and needs. At Westaway, everything we do is on transparent flat fees.
  • Compatibility: It’s crucial to find a startup attorney who you feel comfortable working with and who shares your values and vision for your startup. Learn more here.

When considering hiring a startup lawyer, it is important to give clear context about your company and legal challenge then ask direct questions to ensure they are a good fit for your business needs like:

  1. What’s your experience advising startups in my industry and at my stage?
  2. Do you experience solving my particular challenge?
  3. Can you walk me through the process of this engagement step by step?
  4. How do you bill for your services?
  5. Who will I be working with day-to-day? Learn more here.

Avoid the billable hour whenever possible. This model misaligns incentives leading to slow work and high, unpredictable bills. Instead engage a startup law firm that works on flat or capped fees. Flat fees bring transparency and predictability. For most startup legal work, an experienced startup lawyer should be able to offer flat fees. With fixed costs, you can make smart legal decisions for your startup. At Westaway, all services are offered at transparent flat fees. Learn more here.

Avoid these 10 rookie legal mistakes.

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10 Rookie Startup Legal Mistakes

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