Yoko Sen: The Sound of Healing


Yoko K. Sen, an ambient electronic musician, took an interest in the sound of hospitals after a period of being in and out of the hospital herself. As a patient, she was distressed by the loud and cacophonous noises she heard, and she felt as though these sounds were amplifying her feelings of fear and loss of agency. After regaining her health, she decided to dedicate her career to transforming the sound environment of hospitals.


After Yoko’s TED Talk, many of the world’s largest medical device companies and hospital systems approached her to help them redesign the soundscape of a hospital to make it a more humane healing environment. The problem was that Yoko felt in over her head while negotiating contracts with the lawyers from huge multinational corporations.


We stepped in to advocate for her. We reviewed, edited and negotiated major contracts for Yoko to protect her intellectual property, reduce her risk and maximize her revenue while creating meaningful impact.


Yoko is now developing the next generation of medical devices which will improve the soundscape of 80% of intensive care units around the world.

Kyle is more than a lawyer – I consider him to be a “legal therapist.” I get stressed out about all the legal stuff and Kyle’s zen saves the day. From agreement reviews to contract negotiations, Kyle has been reliable, responsive, and thorough.

Yoko Sen, CEO of Sen Sound

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