Disrupting Law


We see the world as it could be. We resolve to make change happen. Not content to wait for better times, we strive to lay foundations now. We know that a brighter future is built by the adventurers, people like you and me, who are on the ground charting new territory, motivated by passion and committed to execution.

We believe in the power of the marketplace to generate positive social and environmental change. We believe that the best solutions to complex challenges create long-term prosperity, not only financial but also social and environmental.

We are in this together.

Who we work with.

We work with early stage startup founders. Our clients include non-profits and for-profits as well as public benefit corporations and B Corps.

How we work.

The standard law firm business model has not changed in centuries. It’s high time for a little disruption. We are disrupting law in two primary ways: transparent pricing and an innovative business model. Some call it “Lean Law”, we just call it smart.

Our origin story.

Kyle Westaway, founder of Westaway, was an entrepreneur before he became an attorney. In 2007 Kyle Westaway co-founded a startup with some friends. They searched high and low for a law firm that understood the challenges of an early stage startup, but couldn’t find one they loved. Most were stuck in antiquated business models ill-suited to serve early stage entrepreneurs. So, he decided to start a law firm for founders by founders. Over the last fourteen years Westaway has worked with leading startups that are bootstrapped and venture-backed; big teams and indie creators; for-profits, non-profits and B Corps. Yet, they are united in a common cause: building companies that matter.

A little bit about Kyle.

Kyle Westaway is the founder and Managing Partner of Westaway.  He’s the author of Profit & Purpose. He’s spent a decade teaching entrepreneurship at Harvard Law School and Cornell Tech. Every Saturday morning he sends out the Weekend Briefing, an email on how innovation is impacting society.

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