Over the past decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of early-stage entrepreneurs to help them move from concept to scale. In that time, we’ve been legal counsel to startups in various industries from food to fashion and ed tech to e-commerce. I’ve learned a lot about raising capital along the way. My goal here is to…

The Series Seed Docs

Historically, a company needed to raise at least a few million dollars to create a new product and introduce it to the market. Every year, more tools and services are released to the public, which have dramatically lowered the cost of launching a tech startup. However, the standard set of venture capital legal documents remained…

Series Seed Term Sheet

The Series Seed Term Sheet provides a summary of major deal points. Most negotiations between the entrepreneur and the investor will happen at the term sheet. If the investors are aligned on the term sheet, the drafting of the documents goes much smoother and quicker. Below is the standard term sheet. We will break down…

10 Rookie Startup Legal Mistakes

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