Purpose: Mobilizing Activists


Purpose builds and supports movements to advance the fight for an open, just, and habitable world. Purpose uses public mobilization and storytelling to help the leading organizations, activists, businesses, and philanthropists engaged in the fight for social and environmental justice.


In the process of its work, Purpose built out a minimum viable product of a unique technology. They wanted to develop the technology with the option to spin it out into its own company. However, they needed funding to do so.


We designed a unique convertible note that allowed investors to invest in the development of the technology while giving Purpose the opportunity to keep the technology in-house or spin it out at their discretion. The terms of this deal were novel. This required us to think strategically about all the potential scenarios, and ensure that each outcome would be a win-win for Purpose and investors.


As a result of this bespoke convertible note, Purpose was able to secure funding and develop the technology while keeping its options open.

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