Good Nature Agro: Raising a Series A in a Global Pandemic


Good Nature Agro helps small-scale African farmers reach the middle class by growing high-value produce and connecting them with premium markets.


Good Nature Agro asked us to help them raise their Series A. The timing made this project particularly challenging. We were working with a consortium of international investors just as the COVID-19 pandemic was shutting down economies across the globe and making investors jittery.


We worked with investors to structure a $2.1 multi-tranche Series A investment that allowed them to reduce risk while ensuring that Good Nature Agro would have adequate capital to scale up during a downturn.


As a direct result of the Series A, in 2020, Good Nature Agro supported 15,000 African farmers with the materials, contracts and financial planning needed to thrive. This impact will only grow in the years to come.


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