General Assembly: Unlocking Potential Through a Scholarship Fund


General Assembly is education for the future of work. Since 2011, they have transformed tens of thousands of careers through pioneering, experiential education in today’s most in-demand skills including: web development, data, design, business, and more.


When General Assembly approached us, they were already a market leader. But, due to the premium cost of the programs, many brilliant people with less resources were not able to access the education they needed to unlock their potential. They wanted to explore new legal structures that would allow them to leverage philanthropic capital to provide scholarships to those students.


Through our Impact Structure Memo process, we (1) assessed the desired impact and current constraints; (2) presented possible legal structures – including the pros / cons of each option; and (3) finally, we made a recommendation to create a separate non-profit entity that designed to receive philanthropic capital for scholarships.


As a result, General Assembly continues to raise philanthropic capital which has funded  thousands of students. These students have graduated from General Assembly and entered the workforce, significantly increasing their earnings and transforming their careers.

Kyle was an invaluable thought partner and advisor as I worked with him to take stock of General Assembly's social impact platform and explore alternative models to ensure we were best equipped to help as many people as possible through our programs. Kyle couples deep content expertise with curiosity and thoughtfulness, ensuring that we were able to quickly assess our options and identify the optimal course of action for our business. He's also a great guy and a pleasure to work with. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Tom Ogletree, Senior Vice President, Corporate & External Affairs at General Assembly

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