Closed Loop Partners: Funding the Circular Economy


Closed Loop Partners is a New York-based investment firm and foundation that provides equity and project finance to scale products, services and infrastructure at the forefront of the development of the circular economy.


Closed Loop was just an idea when they came to us with a question: We have support from the world’s largest retailers, consumer goods companies, family offices and financial institutions. They all want to work with us to invest in the circular economy. How should we structure our organization?


We designed a dual entity structure – a fund and a foundation. This unique structure provides Closed Loop Partners the flexibility to allocate capital flexibly toward its mission.


The fund has invested in 45 companies. One hundred percent of the investments are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, the foundation has become a center of excellence by leading collaborations between brands, investors, NGOs and industry leaders to identify, test and scale solutions that solve material challenges and advance the circular economy.

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