Blynk: Series A for an IoT Company


Blynk provides an all-in-one platform to prototype, deploy, and manage connected electronic devices (IoT). With Blynk, IoT innovators can rapidly develop and launch smart, connected products while focusing on their core business. The platform enables enterprises and startups alike to prototype ideas, deploy devices, and seamlessly manage them at any scale.


We had worked with Blynk in the past, so they reached out to us to help with their Series A fundraise. Since this was their first time raising an equity round, they wanted to ensure they understood the intricacies of the deal and ensure that they got a founder-friendly deal.


We educated the Blynk founders on how each term sheet point works to demystify the deal. Then we strategically advised which points were imperative to negotiate for their goals versus concessions to make. Our guidance empowered the founders to have productive discussions with investors and ultimately secure founder-friendly Series A terms.


Our strategic counsel throughout the process allowed Blynk to close a highly founder-friendly Series A round of funding. This capital positions them for future growth.

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