Startup legal research is frustrating.

Getting answers to basic startup legal questions is surprisingly frustrating. Founders have have two options either hire a lawyer or turn to Google / Chat GPT.


Chat GPT


High quality answers you can trust.


Is this the right answer or an AI hallucination?


It can take a couple weeks to get the answer you need.


Instant answers at your fingertips.


Nobody likes getting a $2,000 bill for an email answer.


Free is a good price.

Ace makes startup legal research a breeze.

Imagine if there was a way to get authoritative answers to basic legal questions instantly for free. That’s Ace. Ace is your AI startup legal assistant.


Answers you can trust.


Instant answers.


Free answers.

Ace knows a lot.

Ace is AI, he’s not your lawyer.

Ace shouldn’t replace legal counsel. But, he should help startups get up to speed quickly, engage their counsel more efficiently, and save time and money in the process.

Built by founders for founders.

For the last 15 years Kyle Westaway has served as legal counsel to hundreds of startups. He’s also taught entrepreneurship at 2 of the best law schools in the nation – Harvard and Cornell. But before all of that, he was a startup founder. Ace is the tool he wished he had as a founder. Hopefully it will make your startup journey just a little easier.

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